Harrisonburg Union Station Restaurant & Bar

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Baked Crab Dip

Crab meat, cream cheese, Old Bay, and sour cream, baked with mozzarella cheese. Served with flour tortilla chips

Angus Sirloin Crostini

Smoked Angus Sirloin with havarti cheese served over garlic crostini with horseradish cream sauce

Fried Oysters

Breaded and fried oysters served with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon
$10.00 Half / $20.00 Whole

Carolina Nachos

Corn tortilla chips topped with Carolina smoked pork BBQ, melted cheddar jack cheese, corn and jalapeno relish, smoked salsa and sour cream
$10.00 - Vegeterian option available

Fried Calamari

Breaded and fried calamari served with Asian Ginger sauce and fresh lemon
$10.00 Half/ $20.00 Whole

Chicken Wings

Ten deep-fried wings tossed in your choice of BBQ, Hot Sauce, or Asian Ginger Sauce. Served with celery and choice of ranch or bleu cheese

Tasso Ham & Jalapeno Cheese Fries

Battered fries topped with mixed cheese, house smoked tasso and jalapenos drizzled with BBQ sauce and served with side ofranch


Flatbread topped with marninated tomates, mozzarella cheese and basil oil


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Salads, Soups and Combinations


Cup $3.75
Bowl $5.00

French Onion

Bowl $5.00

Soup of the Day

Cup $3.75
Bowl $5.00

House Salad

Tomato, cucumber, hardboiled egg, bacon and mixed cheese over mixed greens
Half $5.00/ Whole $10.00

Ceasar Salad

artisan romaine wedge drizzled with tuscan ceasar dressing, topped with pickled carrots, flatbread croutons and parmesan cheese
Half $5.00/ Whole $10.00

Rockingham Chicken Salad

8oz grilled chicken breast, mixed cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, hardboiled egg and bacon over mixed greens

Fried Oyster or Calamari Ceasar Salad

Fried oysters or calamari served over a artisan romaine wedge drizzled with tuscan caesar dresssing and topped with pickled carrots, flatbread croutons and parmesan cheese $16.00

Candied Walnut and Bleu Cheese Salad

Candied walnuts, green apples, bleu cheese crumbles and bacon served over mixed greens with maple vinaigrette dressing
Half $6.00 / Whole $12.00

Feta & Veggie Salad

Mixed greens topped with feta cheese, diced tomatoes, roasted red pepper relish, red onion, cucumber and black olives
Half $5.00 / Whole $10.00

Smoked Pork Salad

North Carolina style BBQ, corn and jalepeno relish and red onions over a bed of mixed greens, served with ranch dressing and a BBQ sauce drizzle

Blackened Tuna Salad

Blackened tuna, corn and jalepeno relish and red onions over mixed greens with a side of cusabi dressing

Soup & 1/2 Salad

Bowl of Soup with choice of  House Salad, Caesar Salad, Candied Walnut Salad or  Feta & Veggie Salad.

Soup & 1/2 Sandwich

Sandwich Choice: BLT (On white or wheat), Grilled Cheese (On white of wheat), Pastrami slider or Turkey club slider / Soup Choice: French Onion, Mulligatawny or Soup of the Day

1/2 Sandwich & 1/2 Salad

Sandwich Choice: BLT (On white or wheat), Grilled Cheese (On white or wheat), Pastrami slider or Turkey club slider / Salad Choice: House Salad, Caesar Salad, Candied Walnut Salad or Feta & Veggie Salad.

Dressing Options

Sherry Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Maple Vinaigrette, Cucumber Wasabi


Black Bean Cake $3.00, Tuna $8.00, Grilled or Fried Chicken $6.00, Salmon $9.00, Crab Cake $9.00

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Burgers & Sandwiches

All Burgers are ground in house with beef and bacon and cooked well done. All Burgers and Sandwiches are served with Battered Fries. Sub Sweet Potato Fries or Onion Rings $1


Germantown Burger

Patty made of bratwurst and sweet Italian sausage, topped with swiss cheese, house lager mustard, sauerkraut, dill pickles and grilled onions served on a grilled brioche bun

BBQ Burger

Beef patty topped with house smoke pork BBQ, cheddar cheese, corn and jalepeno relish, Cajun coleslaw and BBQ sauce served on a grilled brioche bun

Nuthin' Fancy Burger

Beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, mixed greens, tomato, red onion and mayo
$11.00 + Add Bacon $1

Surf & Turf Burger

Beef patty topped with cajun shrimp, crab spread, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato

Crab Cake Sandwich

fried crab cake topped with mixed greens, tomato, red onion, corn & jalapeno relish and cajun tarter sauce served on a grilled brioche bun

Po' Boy Sandwich

Fried oysters, cajun grilled shrimp, tomatoes, lettuce, pickled carrots and cajun tartar sauce, served on a grilled filone roll

Smoked Pork BBQ

North Carolina or house BBQ pork and Cajun coleslaw served on a grilled brioche bun

Beef Brisket

Smoked beef brisket, house BBQ sauce, sauteed onions, cheddar cheese and horseraddish cream served on a grilled brioche bun

Angus Filone

Sliced smoked angus sirloin,bourbon barrel stout mushrooms & onions, havarti cheese and garlic aioli served on a filone roll with au jus

Irish Alley

House smoked turkey & pastrami, sauerkraut, coleslaw, swiss cheese and horseradish cream served on grilled rye

The Yardbird

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, havarti cheese, mixed greens, tomato and mayo served on a grilled filone roll

Black Bean Cake Sandwich

Black bean cake topped with cheddar jack cheese, mixed greens, tomato, onions and sriracha aioli served on grilled brioche bun

Sweet Pork & Cheese

Sliced smoked pork tenderloin, bacon,apple chutney and havarti cheese served on a grilled filone roll

Rising Sun
Fried chicken breast, sriracha aioli, pickled carrots and sauteed mushrooms served on a grilled brioche bun

Mediterranean Chicken
Grilled chicken, pesto, roasted red peppers and feta cheese served on a grilled filone roll

Chicken Caprese
Grilled Chicken, marinated tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil oil served on a grilled filone roll

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 Steak, Seafood & Entrees

Pork Ribeye

8 oz. pork ribeye topped with bacon and apple chutney served with grens beans and one side


12oz ribeye topped with a citrus and herb butter served with gren beans and one side

Grilled Salmon

8oz grilled salmon filet topped with cucumber dill sauce and served over green beans

Crab Cake Entree

Two fried crab cakes served with cajun tartar sauce, fresh lemon and two sides

Fried Catfish

Fried catfish served with fries and cajun coleslaw

Blackened Tuna

Blacked tuna topped with pineapple pico de gallo and asian ginger sauce served over wild rice

Blackened Tuna Tacos

Blacked tuna, mixed greens, pineapple pico de gallo and asian ginger sauce, served in three flour tortillas

Grilled Chicken Caprese

grilled chicken breast topped with marinated tomatoes, bacon and mozzarella cheese served with two sides

Blackened Chicken Pasta

Blackened chicken, tomatoes & mushrooms tossed with penne pasta in alfredo sauce

St. Louis Style House Smoked Ribs

House smoked ribs served with french fries and cajun coleslaw

Vegetable Penne

Mushrooms, broccoli, onions, roasted red peppers and penne pasta tossed in pesto and parmesan cheese

Smoked Brats

Two house smoked bratwurst served over sauerkraut and topped with house lager mustard served with choice of one side

Country Carbonara

Smoked Italian sausage, tasso and bacon tossed in a light cream sauce with penne pasta. Served with garlic crostini

BBQ Platter

House smoked pork BBQ and beef brisket served with coleslaw and french fries

Cajun Shrimp BLT Pizza
Cajun shrimp, bacon, mixed greens, tomato, garlic aioli and mozzarella cheese served on flatbread

Side Options

Steamed Broccoli, BBQ Potato Chips, Cucumber and Onion Slaw, French Fries, Cajun Coleslaw, Wild Rice, Mashed Potatoes (after 4PM), Sauteed Green Beans (add $1), Sweet Potato Fries (add $1), Onion Rings (add $1)

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For the Kids

All Kids Items $5.95 (excluding house salad) / Includes Beverage & Entree

Grilled Cheese

Kids Burger & Fries 
PB & J Panini

Chicken Tenders & Fries

Hot Dog & French Fries

House Salad